Advertising Power With A Local Approach

Published January 17, 2021 24 Views
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As a new network on the scene, we've learned to harness the advertising power of a local approach. Biz Pointz TV on the OBBM Network focuses content on the DFW, Allen, Frisco, Sachse, Rockwall, and McKinney areas, literally reaching the very business audience that benefits most from the guest and advertising content. Host of Biz Pointz TV, Larry Kortkamp, talks with Susan Hamilton about leveraging the strengths of business alliances from a local perspective.

Many owners are calling it quits, facing supply chain and employment issues. It's hard to measure where we need to be tomorrow when the playing field constantly changes. One thing is for sure, over each generation that has faced a devastating economic challenge in the past, people who ramp up in periods of uncertainty are more likely to survive, and are positioned for a powerful presence in the marketplace when the situation begins to improve. These guys never left the scene.

The OBBM Network is comprised of local business hosts, guests, and advertisers. In the DFW area, that means the issues are recognizable AND solutions are actionable for this particular area. Ideas, services, and products aren't distant or too large to implement - or afford. Businesses can thrive with advertising when adding that 'networking' aspect, an often overlooked tenet of great business. As OBBM moves into new markets, the flavor of the new location will reflect the service and product offerings of that landscape, too.

To work with Larry, go to the Biz Pointz TV media page, and connect with him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and IG. Call him at 972-824-8001.

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CEO, Host, and Program Direction, Susan Hamilton