Elegy for Ashli Babbitt

Published January 16, 2021 295 Views

Rumble Rest in Peace, Ashli Babbitt.

I was at the capitol on the 6th. My experience was far different than what the media has described. Some people were pulled into the energy at the entrance, but even those protesters, in my opinion, simply wanted the opportunity to say "look at me, see me, I am your constituent." They didn't come there to fight, or hurt, or kill.

In Ashli Babbitt's case, I feel she was used, and now the media disrespect her memory and all of us who went that day by lying about why we came there at all.

Trump didn't incite a riot. People like John Sullivan and others like him, people who were paid, people who had help on the INSIDE of that capitol building, are responsible for this tragedy. I know where the blame squarely belongs.

Don't let these same people Ashli Babbit you, too. Don't let them take absolutely justified righteous anger at the theft and lies and destruction they've wrecked on our nation and our lives, and push you into a situation where you could become their next victim.

Keep fighting, keep striving. Think strategically, think tactically. We, more than ever before, must be smarter, faster, more motivated than those who seek to tear our nation asunder. If you're a swing state legislator, I'm looking at you in particular: you failed us. It's time to step up, or get out of the way.

God Bless Ashli Babbitt, may she rest in peace.