Death of Democracy in The United States - A British Perspective

Published January 16, 2021 303 Views

Rumble Death of Democracy in The United States - A British Perspective
I put this audio video together after talking with friends in the United States who are very concerned at the direction their country is going in.

But, are today's issues that are effecting America an actual surprise, I would say absolutely not. I lived in the U.S. and left as for me it was a completely different culture and a very controlling culture which was definitely not for me. Just as a side note on freedom and control, people need to remember that in living memory racial segregation was part of everyday life for many Americans.

No one can argue the fact that the United States is a great country and from what I saw the American Dream is very much alive and kicking. But, these days and as always, it's for the immigrants that are arriving from developing countries seeking a decent and safe life for themselves and their families. It’s not about owning and being entitled to a big house, a big car, a boat, casino every night and living like a rock star, which seems to be many peoples interpretation of the American Dream…

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It’s sad but also amusing to talk to many very good people in American who honestly believed they lived in the most free and democratic country in the world, who are now beginning to see they forfeited their freedoms a long time ago in exchange for comfort, convenience, entertainment and cheap Chinese products.

I hope for their sake and the futures of their children that the issues and realizations now facing the United States can peaceably be rectified.

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