Thailand Travel, Giant Pyramid Temple HIGH in the Mountains!

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Rumble Rarely Seen by Foreigner! Thai WIFE shows TEMPLE in the CLOUDS. Thailand Travel Vlog 2020 EXTENDED

Phu Thap Buek is my new, current favorite place to travel in Thailand.
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Living in Thailand as an American is always a travel adventure. However; Phu Thap Buek was one of the absolute best travel experiences in Thailand. In my opinion, this is the most awesome Thailand Travel destination ever in 2020.

The location on Google Maps is below and this may be one of the top 10 spots in Asia, period. We are north of Chum Phae, Thailand by 2.5 hours and we met people who traveled 8 HOURS from Chiang Mai to see this. Thai Travel Vlog 2020, this is a great year to be exploring as there are few foreign tourists and a very pure experience is available. A Thai Monk let us in to explore even though the temple was closed for the day.

Being an American in Thailand in 2020 has never been better. Robert and Grapes headed to a place rarely seen by a foreigner, Wat Pa Phu Thap Boek Temple is my NEW Favorite Travel Destination. Be prepared to be amazed as my Thailand wife shows me a Temple in the clouds in North Thailand. I just returned from this trip today, June 2nd 2020 and I VLOGGED the entire trip. Don't take my word for it, this is not hype. This place is epic! Located in the Lom Kao province.

I hope you enjoy the best video I have taken with my Drone Thailand.

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Wat Pa Phu Thap Boek
วัดป่าภูทับเบิก Wang Ban, Lom Kao District, Phetchabun 67120
091 821 8900