Los Angeles' Relaxed Approach to Crime; Police Budget Cuts, Explained | Steve Cooley

Published January 15, 2021 4,451 Views

Rumble Los Angeles’ new District Attorney George Gascon is changing the county's criminal justice system.

Gascon plans on excusing minor misdemeanors, dismissing past offenses, reducing incarceration rates, halting sentence enhancements, and more.

My guest today is Steve Cooley. He is the former D.A. of Los Angeles.

Today he discusses L.A.’s new approach to crime, police budget cuts, and the ideology behind defunding the police.
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0:00 Intro
2:08 L.A.’s New D.A. George Gascon
2:50 L.A.’s New and Relaxed Criminal Justice System
8:45 Citizen robust to begin recall of Gascon
10:17 Defund the Police Movement Part 1
16:39 Criminal Justice is a Non-Partisan Affair
19:32 Defund the Police Part 2
25:21 Reform the Police
27:41 Understanding Ideology
29:05 Steve Cooley’s Books
32:34 The Murder of Steve Owens

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