Is the STORM upon us!

Published January 14, 2021 3,509 Views

Rumble Please note not to take these informations as 100% accurate or correct. They are videos circulating online and our goal is to always be prepared, take in the info and use our logical thinking to get to the truth as we all know it wont just be handed to us. My goal of this channel have always just to pass to you some of the information I get or research so it can be discussed. Don't count on them happening 100%, but just be aware there are possibilities they can play out like this. If they do we are aware and can be prepared.

In 2017 President Trump mentioned of a "Storm" That puzzled many people.
Watching the activities in Washington DC with over 20,000 Heavily armed National Guard is definitely something to pay attention to.
Are these guards really for the "Biden Virtual Inauguration?"

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