Lucas Bullet Connector 900269 Hex Crimping Tool

Published January 14, 2021 121 Views

Rumble Simply the best tool money can buy if you’re attaching non solder bullet connectors. Specifically designed for Lucas crimp type bullets on British wiring harnesses. Leaves a clean hexagonal crimp just the same as the later factory finish. Minimum wire size should be 18 gauge.

Great customer reviews, "Very highly recommend this tool. [...] This tool is indeed professional quality. You will not regret buying this tool. There is no other tool sold that can give original hex crimp like factory used. The hex crimp holds wire better than the less costly pinch crimper that is on the market. Way easier than soldering. Works especially good for replacing broken alternator wire bullets."

We offer the Crimping Tool as a stand alone purchase and in a kit that includes bullet and sleeve connectors and the bullet closing tool!

For our kit:

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