"The 55 Survival First Aid Travel Kit"

Published January 14, 2021 1,824 Views $1.39 earned

Rumble "The 55 Survival First Aid Travel Kit"

Farm Girl Survival and First Aid Kit Combo.
These will begin shipping approx. Video: https://youtu.be/qDz4Bc1dFmE

Well Stocked with Survival Necessities~ Your kit may include extra items not listed here~ Items may vary in style, color, or appearance depending on stock) Survival kit info will be updated soon but it includes the following:
~Signed picture of Farm Girl
~Large Survival Blanket made of Mylar that really holds in body heat.
~Survival knife
~Fire starter with rod and striker~ can be used over one-thousands times
~Tactical pen tool (for writing, self-defense, breaking glass)
~Wire limb cutting saw
And more...