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Published January 13, 2021 34 Views

Rumble In this video, we smoke and review the Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary D'Aosta Cigar.

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From Halfwheel:


In the latest edition of what are we celebrating today?, it’s the 10th anniversary of Illusione’s Epernay line.
Epernay was released in 2009 as an extension to the Illusione ~eccj~, a cigar that was released in 2008 in celebration of another anniversary, the 15th anniversary of the magazine European Cigar Cult Journal, which has since changed its name to Cigar Journal. It was a 5 5/8 x 46 corona gorda that was a limited edition release, with just 300 boxes of 15 cigars produced.
The Epernay was created as a lighter version of ~eccj~, and one that would be ideal to pair with Champagne.
Most notably, Epernay was a regular production offering while the ~eccj~, at the time, was a limited edition.
Like the regular Epernay line, the 10th Anniversary d’Aosta is a Nicaraguan puro made at the Raíces Cubanas factory in Danlí, Honduras, though it is not the same exact blend. So far, Dion Giolito has not indicated what the blend is or what the differences are between this cigar and the regular production versions.
But what he did share was the inspiration for the name d’Aosta.
I have a significant amount of family still living in Northern Italy – Rivoli, Turin and Valle d’Aosta… Valle d’Aosta is just on the other side of the Monte Bianco tunnel. A few years back on my trip to visit family, we went through the tunnel to Geneva and visited the original Davidoff store. I imagined that Zino Davidoff back in the day, came through and visited the Alpine towns on the Italian side of the border, maybe went skiing, had some nice meals, and of course, enjoyed some of the wine that Aosta is famous for – the Fumin and Cornalin grapes, of which my family grows there. It was this that was the eventual inspiration for my Epernay 10 anniversary, to make a cigar in the style that he liked that made him so famous.

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