Tony Katz Today: Second Round Of Impeachment Begins

Published January 13, 2021 273 Views

Rumble On This Episode:

- We listen in on several House floor speeches both for and against impeachment of President Trump.

- Eric Swalwell was involved with a known Chinese Spy. Not only does he still hold a seat on the Intelligence Committee, but he will also be a manager in the Impeachment hearings.

- We talk Declaration of Independence and how it relates to Impeachment.

- Does Impeachment help Joe Biden’s case for unity?

- Will the precedent be set to blame elected officials for inciting riots? Maxine Waters? Ted Wheeler? Nancy Pelosi?

- Some states have been failing to distribute the COVID vaccine efficiently. Florida gave the task over to hospitals, New York tried to micro manage every injection.

The Big Story:

Challenging the electors is a process within the system. It has been utilized in every election since 2000, save Barack Obama’s elections. It is fine to utilize it. Those of us that were willing to do that and still accept the results no matter what are now being accused of “denying the election.”

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