Chapter 4 Moses' Second Forty Days

Published January 13, 2021

Rumble Chapter 4 Moses' Second Forty Days
What inspired me to republish this series of Sixteen Addresses on “Forty Days” of Scripture was the fact that the number 40 as a real deep meaning in my life. I was saved at the age of 40 and asked the Lord to give me another 40 years to serve him. He honored my request and I am over that mark by a couple of years. As you will see in these studies, the 40 days have a special meaning in scripture. With that said, let us move on to our studies.

Irving W. Risch


The addresses which form the first half of this volume (save Chapter 8) were given to mixed audiences of unbelievers and believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, the latter half to believers only. This will account to the reader for their different character. They are issued together in the hope that the earlier plain and simple words of warning and entreaty, which suit an unsaved soul, may lead many such an one to become a true-hearted believer in Jesus. Then to the young convert the latter part of my subject will open up fresh ground, which will be trodden with joy and gladness as the moral worth and beauty of the newly-found Lord and Saviour is contemplated.

Forty-three years ago, this day, the writer first tasted His saving grace, and the abiding enjoyment of it makes him keenly desire that many others should participate therein. May the Lord graciously deign to use the book to this end, and likewise to feed His hungry lambs and sheep.

W. T. P. W.