Boom Week Day 2 Update 1

Published January 13, 2021 6,215 Views

Rumble We're still seeing moves and counter moves. I think it's really clear that both sides are actively engaged in battle over our country and it will be a very interesting week. Try to remember details from this week because it will be historic.


Law of Armed Conflict

Pelosi did not show up for work again today (day 2)

Video of Armed Military at a truck stop at night

High Military air traffic

General McInerney Interview

POTUS did a speech at the Alamo about the 450 miles of border wall

VP Pence rejects 25th Amendment Idea

D's installed magnetometers in the US capitol

Rep Brian Fitzpatrick introduced resolution to censure President Trump

Lawyers and students calling for Cruz and Hawley to be disbarred

Parler found a new host company

Video about NESARA

More documents in the Ghizlane Maxwell case scheduled to release on Popcorn Day (Jan 19)

State Department posts about national Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Month

Civil Rights Division Investigating Capitol Shooting death of Ashli Babbit

Man charged in Capitol riot allegedly shoots self in the chest

Pelosi picks Swalwell to manage the impeachment

Rep Matt Rosendale Calls for Rep Cheyney to step down as Conference Chair

Joint statement by Cyber Unified Coordinated Group

POTUS issues Executive Order promoting small modular reactors for natsec and space exploration

BREAKING: Rumble to Combine with NASDAQ listed CFVI