America Declines as Babylon Rises: Using the Shield of Faith

Published January 12, 2021 11,444 Views

Rumble After watching the election fraud, watching how none of courts would hear any case on or review any evidence on the election fraud, after watching republicans not call for a special committee to investigate the election fraud and look at the evidence for at least 10 days, after watching Mike Pence abdicate his duty and responsibility to at least have an audit, after watching all these people who were on Trumps side resign and defect, after watching all the social media remove trump from their platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and YouTube, with seeing calls from republicans to have trump to be removed, after watching decades after decades of all segments of society being overtaken—it has happened. America has been captured by the Globalist communist and is going to be fast tracked towards globalism or what the Bible calls the Babylonian System that will usher in the Antichrist.