The Federation January 12, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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The Federation January 12, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

[This started out as an explanation for Coordinators and has been slightly edited and improved upon for general distribution; many people continue to be confused and think that The Federation is the Federal Government, when in fact, the Federal Government is named after The Federation....]

The Federation of States was created very early on— September 1776— as a means for the States to act together as one body in international and global jurisdictions.

The Federation has no national level powers at all and is not in itself a sovereign body.

The Federation is an agency of the States representing the sovereign bodies of the States of the Union in the foreign international and global jurisdictions. In terms of business structure, the Federation is an unincorporated Holding Company. What it "holds" are the international and global powers that each of the States vouchsafed to it for their mutual defense and protection.

The Federation is like a bank that holds all the delegated powers of the States, and is then, the Delegator of all powers subsequently delegated to the Confederation, and which is also responsible for the later delegations of Powers made under the Constitutions.

When any of the Subcontractors or even the Confederation are unable to function, all those powers delegated to them return automatically by Operation of Law to The Federation that made the delegation of power in the first place.

In order to operate in international and global business realms The Federation had to operate under a recognized sovereign — which is a problem because we were getting rid of sovereigns and because each individual State could not be recognized as a sovereign in international jurisdiction and still have the advantage of mutually shared powers. To get past this obstacle the Founders used the sovereign status of William Belcher, a patriot from Connecticut, who later served as a Colonel in the Continental Army.

Though his family acquired sovereignty in England as a result of the Norman Conquest, William Belcher, like his own forefathers, believed that people should learn to be self-governing.

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