The Democrats are attempting to impeach Donald Trump... again!

Published January 12, 2021 776 Views

Rumble In the final weeks of President Donald Trump's presidency, barring any MOABs dropping between now and January 20th in which he'll be able to retain control of the White House, the Democrats are scrambling to find anyway they can to get him out of office ASAP. With only eight days left as President, many are asking the obvious question: Why are the Dems attempting to invoke the 25th Amendment and Impeachment?

You would think that they would realize that they just have to ride out these last few days until the new Biden, I mean Harris, Administration takes over. In all reality, if they have nothing to hide, then they'd be happy counting down the days to Joe Biden's inauguration as the 46th President of the United States of America. So the question is: Why are they so hell bent on using any means necessary to get Trump out of the White House?

Could it be that they aren't being honest? Shocker, I know. However, it appears that they are terrified of being exposed for being the corrupt politicians that they sure appear to be. Think about it: Trump still has eight more days to declassify virtually anything that he wants. He has eight more days to expose the voter fraud scheme that was used to elect Joe Biden as president. He has eight more days to arrest them. Anything could happen between now and then, which is why they are desperate to get rid of Trump.

For all of us Conservatives who believe that Trump is the duly elected President of the United States, this should be an encouragement. The very fact that they are bearing down throwing everything that they possibly can at Trump and his supporters is evidence that they have their back against the wall, holding on for dear life. Now is not the time to concede. Now is not the time to give up or lose heart. We have the truth on our side, and the Democrats know it!

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