Trump: We Believe In The Rule Of Law, Not In Violence Or Rioting

Published January 12, 2021 23,514 Views

Rumble President Trump: “And now i would like to briefly address the events of last week. Millions of our citizens watched on Wednesday as a mob stormed the capital and trashed the halls of government. And as i have consistently said throughout my administration, we believe in respecting America’s history and traditions. Not tearing them down. We believe in the rule of law, not in violence or rioting. Because of the pandemic, horrible, horrible invisible enemy. Despite our tremendous success, developing a vaccine years before it was thought even remotely possible. Nobody thought it would be possible…..The pandemic is made it a very difficult year for our country and virtually every country all of the world. Now is the time for our nation to heal and it is time for peace and for calm. Respect the law enforcement and the great people within the law enforcement. So many are here. It is the foundation of the MAGA agenda. And we are a nation of law and we are a nation of order. And that is why we are here today to talk about what we must do to uphold the rule of law in America and how we must continue to support our law enforcement. Our heroes which is exactly what you are. Do you feel like a hero? Yeah I think you do.”

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