2 years ago

Homemade butter - made from scratch!

Making butter from scratch is easy! 3 ingredients only!

500ml 35% Whipping Cream
250ml Sour Cream (Full fat, 14% preferably)
1 tbsp salt


1) Pour everything into a mixer. Beat on medium speed for at least 20 minutes - be patient - mixture will start to separate fat from buttermilk.

2) Once separated, remove bowl from mixture.
Line strainer with a cheesecloth and pour mixture to separate butter from milk. Squeeze out milk gently and put aside.

3) Put strained butter in cheesecloth in an icebath (bowl filled with icewater). It should firm up nicely.

4) That's it! You've got butter! Use leftover buttermilk for baking or marinating.

Note: You can also add any flavouring, spices or fresh herbs to the butter - rosemary, chives, garlic, tarragon, cinnamon - possibilities are endless!

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