Quilting Tool Organizer for Your Longarm or Home Machine

Published January 12, 2021 1,103 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble https://leahday.com/products/quilting-tool-caddy Check out the Quilting Tool Caddy, a beautiful handmade leather tool holder made by Leah Day and Max Gray.

I made this Quilting Tool Caddy to hold my marking pens, scissors, and rulers while quilting on my longarm. It includes five outer loops and three inner loops to hold your sewing tools and a high powered magnet to hold a few pins and handy cheater needle.

The center of the cup can easily hold your basting pins if you're quilting on a home machine or keep a ruler or two handy next to your machine. All of the tools that typically clutter up your sewing space can be easily contained within the Quilting Tool Caddy!

Pick up your handmade Quilting Tool Caddy from Leah Day right here - https://leahday.com/products/quilting-tool-caddy

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