Warthog parents stop traffic while leading their babies across the road

Published January 12, 2021 115,609 Views $16.30 earned

It is not everyday that you see wildlife casually strolling through the streets of any town or city. When a family of warthogs appeared in the middle of a main road in town, traffic came to a standstill.

It was during a recent trip to a remote area of the Kruger National Park that we decided to visit the nearest town that was an hour and a half drive from where we were. Going to town is usually a full day exercise. It was during the holiday season and the town was fairly busy. I am not keen on entering grocery stores so I decided to go and run a few errands of my own. When I approached my vehicle in the parking lot, I suddenly noticed a group of warthogs appearing and disappearing between the vehicles in the parking lot. I could see they were heading straight for the main road that was situated in front of the shopping centre. I was little stunned by what I saw and quickly grabbed my camera from the vehicle.

Once out in the open road, I could clearly see that the group of warthogs was made up of a mother and father with their six incredibly adorable piglets. The warthog adults were leading the way across the main road in a very casual manner, either believing they own the place or they have done it many times. All the vehicles coming down the road from both sides stopped to give the warthog family some space to cross the road. Just like me, many people stopped and started filming this rarely seen occasion. It put a smile on everybody’s faces and it was surely a unique and hilarious experience at the same time. The warthog family casually continued feeding into the piece of bush located across the road.

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