“MOTHMAN ATTACKS!” and 2 More Disturbing or Horrifying True Stories! #WeirdDarkness

Published January 12, 2021 4 Views

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IN THIS EPISODE: As far as we know, it was the very first sighting of what we’ve come to know as The Mothman – and it was seen not by a single person or even a single couple – but by four people. Actually, “sighting” probably isn’t the right word for it… as it ended up in a high-speed chase between the four people in one car, and Mothman giving chase. (Mothman Attacks!) *** What if your child were to tell you they were seeing dead people, like in the “Sixth Sense?” One woman in the UK is pondering that question with not one, but two children who are adamant they are seeing those who have already passed on. (My Children See Dead People) *** Steven Stayner was only seven years old when he was kidnapped and held for over seven years, being sexually molested by the man who grabbed him. But when another boy was brought in as the man’s next victim, Steven turned from victim, to rescuer. (I Know My First Name is Steven)

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