I Will Not Accept Moral Preening From The Very People Who Tried To Undermine This Administration

Published January 11, 2021 52,179 Views

Rumble "I look back on the last four years and I think to myself what could have been, what could have been in the Trump presidency, a tremendous amount was accomplished. That can never be taken away, a tremendous amount was accomplished.  Tens of millions of people who felt they were never represented before were represented by this President, and he has a tremendous presidency as a matter of fact.  But what I mean is this. Imagine if he had had a Democratic Party that wanted to work with him rather than destroy him. Imagine if we had had a press that wanted to actually report the news, rather than try to destroy him. Imagine if we had a bureaucracy that supported his agenda rather than trying to undermine it at every step. Imagine how much this nation with this President could have accomplished.  Now we're being lectured to, by many of the same people who helped poison the well, and they want to point their finger at this President. They want to point this finger at Trump supporters. They want to point their finger at anybody who dares to speak out against what they stand for.  I will not accept moral preening from the very people who tried to undermine this administration, who attacked the people who supported this President and attacked conservatives every day. I will not accept moral preening from politicians who still seek to circumvent our Constitution and impose their will on us.  No, I don't accept moral preening from individuals who have no respect for us or me or the Constitution or capitalism, and yes, the rule of law.  We've got a tough few years ahead of us. We'll figure it out. We are Americans, we shall overcome.”

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