Why is Crime Surging in Major Cities? | Cancel This #14

Published January 11, 2021 385 Views

Rumble Crime is soaring in almost every North American city, especially on the Pacific Coast. Random acts of violence are also rising in these cities, as seen in Seattle. Seattle is also the location of the famous CHAZ or Capital Hill Autonomous Zone, a anarchistic takeover of a few city blocks.

This pattern of surging crime exists in all of these cities and has led to a massive exodus of life long residents. All the while, local City Councils and Mayors are seemingly oblivious to the long term effects of crime.

Ari Hoffman is the Seattle Correspondent & Associate Editor for The Post Millennial. He is also a small businessman and former politician who first gained exposure for addressing the many concerns around soaring crime in Seattle.

Ari is also a podcaster and will soon be bringing his own show to The Post Millennial!

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