Math Index Laws or Exponent Set A 04 Multiplication and Division Mixture Mostly for Years/Grade 7 and 8

Published January 11, 2021 46 Views

Rumble Index Laws are s commonly misunderstood section of Algebra.

This goes through a mixture of the first 3 videos to help make sure that your understanding is good. I know it is very important to give students an opportunity to consolidate and make sure that you don’t get things ‘mixed up’.

I give students verbal pictures and simple explanations that help students to understand and remember the concepts, as well as warn them about the common errors and misunderstandings. This is the fourth of many short videos in this playlist. If it is too simple, jump ahead to videos 5, 6 or 7 etc. This is one of the revision videos included in this playlist to help you understand better and not get confused into making simple errors.

After 40 years of enjoyable and rewarding teaching, I still love and continue to teach. It still amazes me how I continue to still think of better ways of teaching mathematical concepts and I also continue to discover methods of explaining things that help students 'better' understand and become more successful at remembering the concepts.

A word of warning from what I have repeatedly seen over the years - most of my videos are placed in a logical or reasonably sequential order and if you watch the first or second video in a playlist and feel comfortable with the concepts, please go to the last video in the playlist to check if you really are okay. Each video in a playlist usually becomes progressively more complex and the 'latter' or 'last' video will often contain common assessment questions where students are known to make errors.

I also often include some revision / consolidation / mixture videos in the playlist which I know are crucial to assist with student success in assessments.

I hope that you find this very helpful and a blessing in your studies.