None of This is About Politics January 10, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

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None of This is About Politics January 10, 2021 By Anna Von Reitz

Clue: None of This is About Politics
This is about crime. Commercial crime. It's about corporate moguls conspiring to enslave average people and forcing those average people to pay taxes and fees that the corporate moguls and their corporations owe.

It's about corporations using and abusing the powers of the government to protect themselves and their bosses at the cost of everyone and everything else.

It's about foreign governmental services corporations masquerading as the American Government, impersonating us and accessing our credit under conditions of fraud and color of law.

It's about the fact that the Municipal Corporations that have done this, are forfeit for their crimes. Think of every US Corporation in America being placed under new management, and a lot of the top bosses going to jail.

Trillions of dollars worth of corporate assets are on the table. The Vatican is not happy, because it loses control of those assets and income from those assets. The investor groups backing and feeding into the Vatican, mostly EU governmental services corporations and huge banks, aren't happy, either, because they stand to lose money and power, too.

They've had a hay day bilking the Americans for 150 years and they not only don't want to give up the gravy, they want to increase their "share"---- when in fact they are not owed a penny. Quite the opposite.

Like people who have lived on welfare so long that they can't imagine having a job and fending for themselves, these European "governments" --- which are incorporated governmental services corporations and not actual governments --have grown used to the American Teat.

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