Mobile Ham Install using a Ram Mount. RAP-111 for a FSM-7250

Published January 11, 2021 132 Views

Rumble Got the Yaesu 7250 mounted in the truck today. Just a short video showing the setup I used.
The mount is a Ram Mount RAP-111 (listed as a Composite Mount for Fishfinders), and it worked perfectly for the Ham Radio.
There are pre-drilled holes in the mount, and 2 of them lined up with the mounting bracket that came with the radio, which seems to be enough to hold it securely.
The advantage I was looking for was to be able to quickly detach the rig when I want to take it inside to use as a Base Station. This is very simple, just unhook 2 wires and unscrew the mount.
I had to make a little stand for it, as the ball was bigger than expected, this was done with some scrap 2 inch PVC that I had hanging around.

UPDATE: The 2 inch PVC just wasn't stable enough. Ended up getting the RAP-200-1-293U base
( ) and screwing it into my table for Base Station use.

Hope this helps,
Amazon Product Link for the Ram Mount used: