"Covid and Kids"

Published January 10, 2021 7 Views

Rumble Should we be putting kids back in school full time? Should we be adopting a hybrid school schedule? Or do we continue "remote learning"?

This is NOT "the new normal" as the media has been portraying. Normal, is kids back in school full time, parents back at their jobs full time, and more. That's normal. But as we approach the beginning of the school year (at least for most of us in the Northeast US), there are a lot of questions. Some doctors say it's ok to send the kids back, others say masks don't work at all, there are so many different directions we, as society & parents, are being pointed in. So what do we do? Our guest Rick Russotti is a well known health educator and now school track team coach. He stops by the studio to talk about all these current issues and where we should be headed.

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