Feona Lee Jones – Dragsúgur (2019) – Roberto Granados, Solo Guitar

Published January 10, 2021 6 Views

Rumble Dragsúgur (the wind that comes in through the window) is a piece I wrote for solo guitar that was performed by Roberto Granados​ at Center for New Music (55 Taylor St, San Francisco, California 94102) August 11, 2019. The solo guitar piece was highly inspired by Frank Zappa and Tom Waits so if you like their music there is a chance you might like this piece.

Program Notes:

Dragsúgur was written for acoustic or electric solo guitar. It features angular rhythms and dissonant chords with a Frank Zappa meets Tom Waits flavor. It features a waltz feel in the
beginning, which transitions to a driving rhythmic pulse utilizing invertible counterpoint and harmonics. The ending is a return to the angular waltz but with brief interjections of earlier gestures.

Roberto Granados Biography: https://www.robertogranadosguitar.com/biography