The Book of Dubue Part One - A Family History

Published January 10, 2021 93 Views

Rumble EPS 31: Today's show is the first in a series of stories that I am presenting. The Book of Dubue is the story of my ancestry. Where I came from and the historical roots that I discovered along my journey. For those who don't know, I was given up for adoption as a baby and was a very well-kept secret for sixty years until I made myself known. So I hope you enjoy the show as I have been living this amazing discovery over the past almost two years now. The Dubue family as I have learned is HUGE and as it seems a very talented group of people. As I tell the stories I discovered I also plan to reveal some of the very talented folks, my newly discovered family members along the way. Some stories date back a thousand years. Some as you will also discover are some of my very talented living relatives. Artists and musicians alike. Some characters are famous. Some are infamous. I hope you enjoy the series. Here is part one.