The stage is being set for a big week

Published January 10, 2021 5,342 Views

Rumble It looks like we're going to have a really big week next week. We're seeing indications that operations are underway in multiple foreign countries. There is interesting air traffic in the US and Troops being staged in DC.


Pelosi Gambit to convince Pence to convince Trump to resign for a pardon

POTUS Schedule for next week

Mobile power generation being set up in DC

DC Air Traffic

Lin Wood posting about some things that are coming soon

Solarwinds hack attack targets PACER sealed indictments

Mike Pompeo making moves that China is not going to like

Investigation into Biden CCP Ties

Maricopa GOP voted to censure Cindy McCain

BLM Board member is a domestic terrorist

Pope's doctor dies from COVID complications

A bunch of black vehicles with tinted windows driving in formation in Rome. Interesting comments in thread. Police escort

The Mass email service that President Trump uses has banned him

Steve Bannon War Room banned from YouTube

Patriots cleaning up inside capitol

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