"No BS Brewing Company"

Published January 10, 2021

Rumble "No BS Brew Company" is a purveyor of fine craft beer located near the North End of Conesus Lake.
No BS Brew Company strives to build a culture by providing the highest quality craft beer while bringing people together to educate and entertain through experience, creative ideas and continuously improving processes. Ben and Steve leave no stone unturned when it comes to creativity. They have their normal lineup of craft beers, but every few weeks they craft a new flavor that's only available for a certain time.
One of their more popular beers is called "THE NORTH END CREAM ALE".
The cream ale style is widely variable and open to the brewer’s personal interpretation. This cream ale features a medium body, caramel color and is very sweet with just a slight hop finish.What makes this beer shine is the use of a propriety yeast strain designed specifically for cream ales. This is a unique beer and can be enjoyed by all. 6.1% ABV with 23 IBUs. These guys were a blast to have in studio, and we look forward to checking out their brewery this fall.

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