General McInerney says "I've seen the laptop" - Ann Vandersteel on

Published January 10, 2021 5,126 Views

Rumble It seems the White Hats became aware that Antifa were going to storm the White House on the 6th January 2021 and use the media to blame it on Trump supporters and make out ALL Trump supporters are insurrectionists. So a sting operation was set up by the White Hats to take advantage of the heist and take Pelosi's laptop and several other laptops.

McInerney is calling for military tribunals
“This isn’t voter fraud, this is TREASON. They are trying to stir insurrection. We need military tribunals.”

General McInerney:
“Mr. President, you have to declared a National Emergency. You have the authority based in the Executive Order you implemented in September of 2018. You have the power, do it!”

McInerney's talk is followed by Mike Smith -
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