Tornado Sirens of OKC ~ Whelen Rotating 6108 NE 180th ST

Published January 9, 2021 540 Views

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Tornado Siren - Weekly Saturday Test - Oklahoma City, OK

Weekly testing of the Oklahoma City tornado Whelen sirens.
One of the directional sirens that are located on the outskirts of the metro.
Outdoor Warning Sirens. OKC's outdoor warning sirens sound in and near areas where the National Weather Service has issued a tornado warning. If you hear a siren, immediately take shelter and get more information about the storm. There is no all-clear signal. OKC tests its sirens at noon on Saturdays unless there's a threat of inclement weather.

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Amateur Storm chasing in Midwest Oklahoma. Primarily Missouri and Oklahoma.
Storm chasing is defined as pursuit of any severe weather condition, regardless of motive, which can be curiosity, adventure, investigation, or for news or media coverage. A person who chases storms is known as storm chaser, or simply a chaser.