General McInerney Interview on Jan 6 "White/Black Hat" operation

Published January 9, 2021 2,742 Views

Rumble Gen. McInerney is interviewed by indepentant news sources on what transpired on Jan 6th at the Capitol. The General let's us know that it was his team that collected the congressman's & senators laptops as a "White Hat" operation to infiltrate the "Black Hat" operation perpetrated, as evidenced on their laptops that were seized, through email communications between Pelosi, McConnel & Schumer to bus in Antifa to halt the evidentiary process of the debate. When rushed out of Capitol, is when the General was able to send in marines, to confiscate the laptops.

Other items discussed in laptops seized emails, is FBI Director Comi selling TopSecret Military Tactics, (Hammer & Scorecard) which is a dual military operation utilizing digital and ground warfare/distractions, and how VP Pence actively committed treason. *Video provided by Ann Vandersteel/ Steel Truth*