Fire; more than just heat

Published January 9, 2021 31 Views

Rumble A lot has gone on over the past 4 months. I think everyone can relate to that.

Left a home of more than 20 years to be closer to nature along with my little humble off-grid place. And I have neglected to anything but work on the new place, which needs it desperately.
I got a few text asking when I was going to post something from a few of the kids who follow the site a while back and thought I would put together a quick update and some random thoughts about the year that many are wishing ever happened.
Not wanting to preach or assume my way is the way to go, I'd rather just say what works for me individually and if it makes sense to you , then I am humbled by that.
Life is or can be a real **** and it gets to us all at one time or another. It's how we go about problem solving the issues as they come that intrigues me.
I am in a place that fire wood is essential. It may grow on trees, but the work to harvest it are the lessons that I am eluding to here..
Once I get the new place more settled and livable, most likely sometime in January, I look forward to constructing a more cohesive and professional looking vlog and possibly getting back to the painting again (fine art, that is)

*and oh yeah, no live trees were harmed in this video..They are all either standing dead, fallen or taken taken down by beavers.:)

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