The Next Octave

Published January 8, 2021 8 Views

Rumble "The Next Octave" of human awareness is ours for the asking. Desire is the flame of Creation. Realization of your moment by moment connection to the Creator comes naturally to those who desire to walk and talk with God thereby achieving what may be called "waking meditation." There is an authentic path of self discovery that awaits all who start the journey into the higher octaves of cosmic mind. The new strata of human thought and awareness beckons our arrival. Our connection to the Universal One is our connection to each other. This defines what ONENESS is. We all know the problems of this world, it is time now for solutions. The answers lie within us.
"All knowledge can be ours for the asking. Knowledge alone will save mankind from his own destruction." Walter and Lao Russell

Lyrics and Music by - Matt Presti

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