Big Tech Censorship - Bit Burning | with Zach Vorhies

Published January 8, 2021 1,256 Views

Rumble Are you ready to be boiled? Have you realized we are the frogs that have been sitting in a pot of warm water and getting warmer by the day?

It looks like access to truth is being scrubbed by the minute and reality is about to burn us going into 2021, so how is this being done? Can you say Google?
Well, on the next Frequency Wars, Tim Ray is going to hear from Zach Vorhies, a past senior software engineer at YouTube and Google for 8 1/2 years. While working at YouTube in his final years, Zach Vorhies learned that Google was censoring "fake news" and investigated further into the company. Only to find that indeed not only had Google defined fake news to mean actual events that had happened, but also had created an artificial intelligence system to classify all available data to Google Search.

Tyrants would burn books that they disagreed with, but today AI is in their hands and it's programmed to burn bits of information if it goes against the mainstream agenda. As we become technologically dependent in this new way of life, we become dependent on the information that it allows us to know. Can you say 1984 in 2021? Because that’s what it is looking like now - the warp speed elimination of truth right in front of our eyes. Watch this show before it gets burned.

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