Q Sent Him! #BuffaloMan/#BuffaloHatGuy SPEAKS! #ExclusiveVideo

Published January 8, 2021 2 Views

Rumble During Nov. 6th Coverage of the #CountTheVotes Rally in Phoenix, The #HollowNet unknowingly captured the #BuffaloMan 's speech with exclusive video!
His speech transcribed:
"They've infiltrated levels of government like the President Obama and the Vice President Biden. This has been going on for nearly 100 years. You need to understand this is the same New World Order that is bringing dystopia to communist China and in Venezuela. Its a New World Order...Through the media, through compartmentalization of American Citizens and that includes black, white, gay, straight, republican, democrat, left, right, conservative, liberal. WE are all Americans. We all believe in the Constitution, right? Now I'd like to say these communists are pushing Karl Marx theology. Now Marx was a 33rd degree mason, he was a satanist, he said he wanted to dethrone God. Washington was also a mason."

"That's why they tried to steal this election because they knew they couldn't win it! That is why they are trying to steal anything or everything they can! Whether it be our resources, whether it be our votes, whether it be our news corporations, our entertainers. Okay? Our policies."

"Now how is it these people are sold out? Believe it or not these communist networks these globalists these child sex trafficking rings use photos to bribe politicians, entertainers and CEO's."

"These people do not care about Americans, bringing Karl Marx and Satanism to the United States of America."

"With all that said! I have just one more thing to say! It is you ladies and gentlemen who are going to be the leaders in the rebirth of America! Just like with every birth there is what seems to be chaos, there's blood there's screaming, there's "oh my God", but at the end of the birth, when the child is born all of that chaos is forgotten about. And we will have a new nation! When we take it back! Thank you for your cooperation, God Bless you and God Bless America!"