The Dutch Bros Secret Menu is Packed with 16 Delicious Drinks

Published January 7, 2021 46,300 Views

Rumble Founded in 1992 by two brothers, Oregon-based drive-thru coffee chain, Dutch Bros is serving customers a variety of coffees, teas, smoothies and other tasty beverages.

If you're lucky enough to live near a Dutch Bros and you've already gone through the regular menu multiple times, they also serve a selection of secret menu items to check out.

1. French Toast Breve - Think cinnamon, brown sugar and white chocolate

Bob Marley/Bob - Coconut and mocha with a banana blended in.

Double Rainbro - A mix of strawberry, peach and coconut syrups along with a can of Rebel energy drink

Ba-Nay-Nay - A blend of dark chocolate and banana mocha with a generous swirl of whipped cream on top

Unicorn Blood Blended Rebel - an interesting combination of strawberry and almond syrup, white chocolate sauce and a Rebel energy drink

Cotton Candy Frost - It's made by blending together white chocolate and blue raspberry

Molten Lava Mocha - This delicious drink from Dutch Bros secret menu is made with cinnamon and mocha.

White Coffee S'mores Breve - It is a breve with brown sugar cinnamon, chocolate macadamia nut and white and dark chocolate.

White Coffee Cookie - This sweet drink is a breve with white chocolate sauce, chocolate macadamia nut syrup and white espresso.

Nutty Irishman - This yummy beverage is a mix of a breve, Irish cream and hazelnut.

Gummy Bear Rebel - White chocolate, kiwis and lime all mixed together with a Blue Rebel energy drink

Toasted Mellow Mocha - The Toasted Mellow Mocha is the perfect mix of chocolate macadamia nut syrup, vanilla syrup and chocolate milk.

Electric Berry Green Tea - It's a blend of green tea, lime and blue raspberry.

Ninja - Order a Ninja from your broista at Dutch Bros Coffee and you'll get a breve with espresso, creme de menthe and white chocolate mocha.

German Chocolate - It's a mix of coconut flavoring, caramel and dark chocolate and is sure to satisfy.

Dirty Caterpillar - This smoothie is like a caramel apple but in smoothie form. It's made by blending together green apple and caramel until thick and smooth.

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