Are We Living in the Last Days? - 2 Peter 1-3 - Skip Heitzig

Published January 7, 2021 34 Views

Rumble When it comes to the last days or the end times or, for that matter, any Bible prophecy, there is no shortage of speculation and sensationalism. Every generation has its doomsday preachers predicting the end of everything, trying to fit current events into the predictive prophecy so prevalent in Scripture. Yet one day the world will end. So what are the last days and what are the characteristics of that time period? Let’s consider five features.

This teaching is from the series 20/20: Seeing Truth Clearly with Skip Heitzig from Calvary Church.

00:00 Introduction
08:13 Foreseen by Scripture
18:45 Focused on Christ
26:16 Filled with Apostasy
35:26 Framed by Skepticism
39:41 Faced with Hope