Enacting a Culture of Business Growth

Published January 7, 2021 121 Views

Rumble In this episode of OffBeat Business TV, host Susan Hamilton talks with Doreen Milano, host of Big Ideas, Small Business about keeping employees engaged in various ways.
Doreen works with businesses that are struggling financially to help turn them around. She identifies areas for improvement, which are often related to the culture of the company. Many employees are afraid to challenge the corporate structure and executive management This is why it is important to foster communication with employees to identify the challenges and bottlenecks. Engage the workforce to become part of the solution. We can be our own bottleneck and so often, the answer is right in front of us.
Having vision and communicating that vision is highly important to employee engagement. Approximately 80% - 85% of small businesses tend to be family owned businesses with 9 employees or less, making up a large percentage of American commerce. A large portion of small businesses don’t have a business plan. In order to be successful, businesses must develop a plan of direction and have a vision. Without a concrete vision and the ability to grow, businesses won’t survive the long haul.
Possibly the most important aspect to employee engagement is leadership. Leadership and management are different things. Not every manager is a leader. Leadership is about vision, acting on that vision, and taking others along on the journey. Management is about oversight. While both are needed, only one will keep your workforce engaged.
If you are interested in working with Doreen, she has three ways to help your business thrive. She offers a three hour turnaround, a one day program with the management team, or a three day program incorporating one-on-one conversations with up to 25 people.

More information can be found at VisionsToExcellence.com, or call 650-483-5798.

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