Black Bishop Takes Down Hillary Clinton and Planned Parenthood | 2/21/20

Published January 7, 2021 56 Views

Rumble Joe Biden is very passionate about nondisclosure agreements. Michael Bloomberg is spending $7 million/day on his campaign. Rep. Keith Ellison asks for help from the internet ... and gets it. Trump doesn’t get credit for most things he does for minority communities. A nonbinary person has a hard time trying to get … a haircut? Carroll College, a Catholic college in Pat’s hometown, cancels a drag show. Bishop Wooden talks to his church about the horror that is the Democratic Party. Remember the pigeons with cowboy hats? Well, get ready for pigeons with MAGA hats! Top 10 countries where children can flourish. Spoiler alert: The U.S. didn’t make it. McDonald's is selling candles that smell like a burger. The Ryan Newman miracle.