China: Blame America for the Coronavirus | 4/29/20

Published January 6, 2021 55 Views

Rumble Poor Amber. Jeffy needs to get out of the house! Forced to wear a mask to shop? Food shortage warning from a Texas rancher. Event 201 isn’t hypothetical. Who decides what information is false information? Asteroid coming to Earth soon? Italy ending its lockdown. 750,000 tons of potatoes in danger of being thrown away in Belgium. Jeffy tells what companies and products have an increase in traffic and sales. Mike Tyson wants to return to boxing at age 53 for exhibition fights. The return of professional sports seems imminent. “Dr. Fauci” tries to destroy Keith’s hopes of sports returning. Kenny Rogers and Bill Withers: We lost them. The Democrats are still backing Joe Biden even after these sexual allegations. Joe Biden apparently falls asleep while listening to Hillary Clinton. A reporter is in his boxers on national television. Ohio Democratic Rep. Marcia Fudge talks about businesses reopening and immediately goes racial, saying the only businesses opening are ones for black people go to because the government wants them to spend their stimulus checks. Americans taking advantage of unemployment benefits? Paid to stay at home? China keeps pushing the theory that the U.S. started the coronavirus. 10 percent of Americans believe the U.S. government created the coronavirus.