New birdfeeder attracts three woodpecker species within minutes

Published January 6, 2021 5,293 Views $15.67 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeNorth America is home to 23 species of woodpecker and there are at least 180 species worldwide. They are unique and fascinating birds that inhabit forests and even treeless areas in all but a few countries on our planet. They largely prey on insects that hide under bark or bore into the wood of unhealthy trees. They use their keen sense of hearing to detect their prey and then they hammer out holes in the wood to access them. Without woodpeckers, insect pests would overpopulate and threaten the health of forests.

Woodpeckers are more difficult birds to attract to bird feeders because they prefer to find their food in decaying trees, but they can be tempted with dried fruit and suet cakes. Being solitary and territorial, they are also less likely to exist in large numbers around your home.

Kristy is a nature lover and bird enthusiast. Her Christmas list included several new bird feeders for song birds and a new wire cage for holding suet cakes. These are specially designed to attract woodpeckers because they are heavy enough to allow the larger birds to perch on them in the same way they would cling to the side of a tree. The suet cakes fit in perfectly, allowing the birds access to a balanced supply of suet, nuts, and seeds. Within minutes of placing this feeder out , several species of birds were excited by the contents, including three different woodpecker species that landed on the feeder within seconds of each other. A hairy woodpecker was the first to arrive, but after a few small pecks at the food, he was chased off by a red-bellied woodpecker. This larger bird feasted for much longer before the arrival of a pileated woodpecker caused him to fly off.

The pileated woodpecker is the largest in North America. The ivory-billed woodpecker is larger, but it is now believed to be extinct. pileated woodpeckers are striking birds with flaming red feathers on their heads and black and white plumage on the rest of their bodies.
Bird enthusiasts like Kristy become very excited at the sight of one feeding at their back yard feeders, but to see three woodpeckers within such a short time was quite a thrill!

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