Georgia November 3rd Presidential Precincts Reporting

Published January 6, 2021 916 Views

Rumble This video shows each precinct in Georgia reporting:
The Green lines are the +/- Trump /Biden results
If the green line is on the right half Biden : on the left Trump the further clockwise or counter-clockwise from the top the big the % they took that precinct at that time.
The longer the line (radius) the larger the votes

The red/blue arc shows the balance of Trump (red) Biden (blue) : If there is red on the right half of the screen Trump is winning: The larger the radius of the arc : the more total votes have been reported.

The thin purple arc is the total votes eventually reported.

The purple moving spoke is the % of remaining votes to be reported that Biden would need to gain to win Georgia by 14.5k votes.

The further clockwise the purple spoke is the higher the % of remaining votes Biden needs.

All numbers have come from the precinct level feeds :