The Black Lives Matter Movement Is Marxist | 6/23/20

Published January 6, 2021 146 Views

Rumble Bad news, women’s soccer is postponed. Eskimo Pies are next on the offensive-name chopping block. Is the coronavirus getting weaker? Hand sanitizers could pose a potential risk now?? Former national security adviser John Bolton speaks out about President Trump. The United Nations supporting Antifa? Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez needs your attention. Are Latinos black? AOC thinks so. A message from the CHAZ tourism board! Is Colin Kaepernick a future Hall of Famer? A BLM co-founder admits she is a "trained Marxist" and wants President Trump removed from office NOW! John Kerry has some interesting words. Will this election bring disaster either way? Scary: BLM has 68% approval in America. A wall around CNN headquarters in Atlanta.