If America Is So Racist, Why Do People FAKE Hate Crimes?! | 6/24/20

Published January 6, 2021 152 Views

Rumble Big week for the Left. Shocking news from NASCAR ... there was no "noose" in the driver’s garage. Believe in something ... even if it didn’t happen. AOC says "Latinos are Black." The band Toto is under fire for having "racist lyrics" in the song "Africa." Aliens are still among us? Walmart’s employee gets physical with a guy for not wearing a mask. The Sahara dust plume making its way to the U.S. A review of a video made by Republicans who hate President Donald Trump. That group, Project Lincoln, endorsed Joe Biden. Men who have cats in their dating profiles are less likely to get matches. Are cats less masculine? Dog makes sure kids across the street safely. Chaos in Lafayette Park. We seem to have drawn the line at the Andrew Jackson statue. The Google definition of a Jeffy burst. Bill Maher and his fake crowd. Time to pull "blackface" episodes of "30 Rock"? Buttocks biting.