Witnessing Joe Biden’s Cognitive Abilities | 7/1/20

Published January 6, 2021 973 Views

Rumble Michael Shellenberger was one of the first to cry out about climate change ending the world, and he recently came out to say the Earth is just fine. CHOP finally got the recognition it wanted. Dr. Fauci comes out to talk about the American people being anti-science. Colin Kaepernick series coming to Netflix. A new potential pandemic virus coming out of China?? A guy arrested for swimming in a fish tank at Bass Pro Shop. Witnessing Joe Biden’s cognitive abilities. An upsetting 911 call from a woman trapped inside her car while was surrounded by protesters. A protester fires a gun at a driver who didn’t stop for the mob. Anarchist: Pee in the back of a police car? Leftist: Humans are NOT destroying the planet. Nike has lost $790 million in one quarter. Yahoo music editor wants to change the national anthem. Gal Godot gets a bunch of celebrities to sing a potentially new "national anthem."