2 years ago

Death at Freedom's Door

Death at Freedom's Door Part II here - https://rumble.com/vchspx-death-at-freedoms-door-ii.html

This video was produced to critique the world-wide response to the Covid-19 invisible enemy. I am questioning whether we as a people, are moving into a dystopian future at high-speed. We need to ask ourselves, is this the kind of world we will accept for ourselves, our children and our loved ones?

Freedom is a GOD-GIVEN right, not a man-given one. This video is meant to arouse a healthy sense of questioning, which in the end will support freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Produced by Matt Presti - http://MattPresti.com


Track 1 - Forgotten Gods by Adrian von Ziegler
Track 2 - Forgotten Vale by Jeremy Soule
Track 3 - Vortex by Carbon Based Lifeforms


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