Joe Biden Wants Voter Registration Physicians?? | 7/22/20

Published January 6, 2021 35 Views

Rumble Thank you, listeners! Without you, we would be two crazy guys talking to ourselves. Game and wildlife care for Latinx. Chick-fil-A to change its name to They-fil-A. Pat and Keith go over some of the new information that has been released about the Ed Henry sexual assault allegation. Idaho’s borders about to expand? Ilhan Omar’s 15 minutes of fame are almost over. Chewing the Fat with Jeffy involves a Chipotle update, most popular websites, and KFC 3D-printed nuggets. Cardboard cutouts and fake crowd noises are the new normal in sports. MLB getting political. Kanye West and his Twitter drama. According to Joe Biden, there will be “voter registration physicians'' at the polls. Guy reportedly died from COVID-19, but in reality ... he was in a motorcycle accident. Will the NBA season be political?