Don Lemon, That's Not a Hippo | 7/24/20

Published January 6, 2021 32 Views

Rumble Baseball is back! Dr. Fauci "attempts" the first pitch of the game. Using a crane to view a soccer match. Dumb shopper or genius shopper? Should we be building wooden skyscrapers? The Burger King methane commercial gets retired. Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo can’t pass the cognitive test. Tucker Carlson gets upset with Sean Hannity for not agreeing with him. Gov. Andrew Cuomo seems to hate wearing a mask. The cow and its milk. Two-thirds of the country feels uncomfortable talking about politics. Joe Biden claims Donald Trump is the first racist president. What do the antibodies mean if you have them? Passionate old guy against wearing a mask. Would you go to jail for not wearing a mask? Will the NFL and NBA social messaging impact the games? Yale professor thinks that hydroxychloroquine is a ‘political’ drug and not a good one.